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3 Unique Ways to Improve Your Customer Loyalty Program in Saudi
  • February 26, 2024
  • Yegertek
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Aligning your loyalty programs in Saudi arabia with your business objectives is an effective method to achieve your goals. A definite strategy for executing loyalty program is required with an aim of maximizing customer lifetime value as the primary objective.

You should design your loyalty program strategy in order to support this objective while considering and evaluating your company’s resources.

We have brought to you some unique tactics to help you improve your customer loyalty program. Act upon these and see yourself leading in the race of customer retention.

Keep Evolving. Be Innovative yet Competitive

Gone are the days when following the journey of the top 20% of your customers did wonders to your business. The business world is getting as competitive as ever. It’s crucial to target at least 40% to 70% of customer participation in your loyalty program. To do so, you should adapt to more creative ways, like collaborating with relevant partners, to ensure that your customers have broader options for shopping and making their purchases.

Your loyalty program’s reward system should allow customers to shop for different kinds of products from different shopping places. A customer loyalty and analytics company in KSA can make significant data available to you. This is important for understanding customer preferences accordingly and to know with whom to collaborate for best outcomes.

How can this benefit your business? A steep rise in purchase-frequency, opening up of communication channels with a larger audience and achievement of better personalization with the help of innovative collaborations, on the basis of accurate data analytics.

Benefits for Your Business:

  • Increased purchase frequency.
  • Expanded communication channels.
  • Better personalization through innovative collaborations.

Reward Customers based on Emotional Engagement

Transnational loyalty is rewarded by every other company. Where does your reward system take you? Yegertek loyalty along various touch points of customer journeys ensures that customers stay motivated and are likely to make the next purchase from you. Emotional engagement should be regarded at a higher level as compared to the purchasing volume or frequency.

According to a report by, emotionally connected customers are likely to spend an annual sum of nearly $699 towards a brand, whereas just the regular and satisfied customers are likely to spend an annual sum of only about $275. Customers’ loyalty depends more on the kind of experience and interaction they have with your brand. Their way of perceiving your brand decides their loyalty.

Hence, it’s essential to Yegertek them at pre-purchase stages, for the check-points that actually lead them to the purchase.

How can this benefit your business? Successful retention of your existing and potential customers by keeping them motivated to make purchases through a consistent reward system based on their bonding with the brand and overall engagement.

Benefits for Your Business:

  • Successful retention of existing and potential customers.
  • Consistent purchase motivation through emotional bonds and engagement.

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Benefits for Your Business:

  • Extensively data-driven loyalty programs.
  • Result-oriented retail loyalty solutions.
  • Enhanced customer loyalty in the Saudi region.


Incorporating these strategies into your customer loyalty program in Saudi Arabia will not only differentiate your brand but also foster lasting connections with your customers. Stay ahead in the competitive market by evolving, engaging emotionally with your customers, and partnering with a reliable customer loyalty and analytics company like Yegertek to maximize the potential of your loyalty program.