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Customer loyalty programs are an excellent way to reward business and retail shoppers. It’s also a great way to build brand awareness and create positive customer relationships.

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برامج الولاء That Will Help Your Business Grow In Saudi Arabia

Yegertek is a Loyalty Program Company in Saudi Arabia that helps brands and organizations redefine how they engage with their customers.

We use a combination of deep retail knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and an understanding of various customer personas to deliver customise solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you're looking to increase sales, improve customer retention rewards, or better understand your target market, we can help you achieve your goals.

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Scale Loyalty Programs with our Digital Rewards Platform

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Engage365 is a Customer Engagement solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It helps companies to harness the power of digital, physical, and social interactions across multiple channels to drive customer loyalty, grow lifetime value and build deeper relationships with their customers.

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PUZZLE is the industry’s first Clienteling solution that provides retailers with an additional source of insight and intelligence (beyond transactional data) regarding customer behavior. It enables retailers to better engage, understand, and ultimately develop long-term relationships with their customers.

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BLOX is a real estate CRM that focuses on reducing friction in the customer lifecycle. It allows brokers to capture & easily extract insights into their customers and agents, along with the entire property history. With 3rd party integration between marketing channels and CRM, it offers seamless facilitation of online & offline investments made by customers.

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Rubix is a customer analytics platform that gives you complete visibility into your customers. Gain unparalleled insights into their behaviors and interactions with your product, drive more personalized engagement, and deliver better experiences to them!


We Help Brands in KSA with Tailored Solutions

TGIF Rewards Solutions


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Type Of Loyalty Programs For Customers We Offer in Saudi Arabia

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To ensure your customer’s loyalty in your business

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E-Commerce Solutions for B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B businesses.

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Automate your processes through our mobility solutions.

yegertek Technology
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Exceed customer on any channel.

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Win customers, evaluate customer experience

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Transform customer data to personalize customer experience.

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A usual approach of rewarding customer is an Earn & Burn programme. how to make most of your loyalty program's purchasing incentives.

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Tiered loyalty programs are customer rewards strategies that assist businesses to benefits customers depending on their rank.

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Loyalty Programs with Benefits. Come and Enjoy. A rewards-based loyalty programme is beneficial to all members equally.

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Use a prize wheel for an exciting reward experience or go on a treasure hunt to gather the data in loyalty program is engaging.

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Coalition loyalty, also known as "shared loyalty programmes," is a concept in which many associate brands form a partnership.

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Utilise influencer endorsements as effective kind of social proof to increase brand recognition & reach out to potential buyers.

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How We Work For Our Customers



Understand the technical landscape and highlight best-in-class companies via benchmarking exercises.



Build a digital reputation, create a go-to-market strategy, and align on the project.



Enhance the customer experience and increase brand advocacy.



Collect valuable data and create post-launch feedback to enhance customer experience.

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Our Clients Feedback


Since eCabs already runs on Microsoft Dynamics 365, we approached several Microsoft partners who specialize in reward schemes. Yegertek was ultimately selected as they met our extensive requirements, integrated well with our technology team, and displayed the willingness to further develop the product based on our design.

Kerstin Rizzo
eCabs Chief Programmes Officer

The team was knowledgeable, understood our business problem and the solution was easy to use. We have improved overall customer loyalty and employee loyalty.

Akif S
Deja Vu, CEO

Great overall experience with the product and the company. Unlike previous technology providers that we have worked with, this project was undertaken with true care and intention for our well-being. Nowhere in the process did we feel like we were dealing with vendors, engagement seemed more like a well-structured partnership. About the product, it was well structured, and the full functionality of the software was rolled out in phases.

Mohammad Ahid
Bianca& Bianco, Director
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