Yegertek - Loyalty Group
Providing Bespoke Innovative Solutions.

Enhancing The Cab-Hailing Experience For Leading European Player

Enhance the customer transportation experience & differentiate the brand’s offering, through developing a reward based loyalty program.

casestudy-supermarket dubai

Leading Supermarket Chain Multi Country Loyalty Rollout

An attractive, simple, unique,innovative, & most importantly useful loyalty program that could deliver insights pertaining to customer behaviour.

fashion retailer casestudy

VIP Loyalty Program For A Leading Luxury Department Store

Develop a customized loyalty program which captures the brand’s principles, design ethos and aspirational client base. (distributors and stores).

ceramic casestudy yegertek

Developing A First Of It’s Kind B2B Loyalty For Leading Ceramics Player

Develop a customized B2B loyalty program which focuses on increasing commercial opportunities for client by engaging with other business stakeholders (distributors and stores.


Customizing A Complete Omni-Channel Program For A Niche Grocer

Create an omni-channel customer experience solution, which would be powered by a completely seamless and integrated e-commerce and mobile poweredloyalty program.