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 Yegertek- A Digital Transformation Company.


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Yegertek was established in 2018 to provide solutions for industries coping with unpredictable customer behavior, waning brand loyalty, and rising demands for personalized service. We create innovative solutions that are tailored to your needs using a "strategy + technology" methodology. While sitting in a café discussing the film that inspired it, the founders came up with the name “Yegertek”. The words “yeger” and “tek” imply "warrior" and "technology," respectively, and together represent the company’s ambition to revolutionize the customer experience space.

To be a global preferred solution provider across industry verticals, Yegertek leverages the Microsoft CRM ecosystem, and innovative technologies, with a customized implementation and adoption strategy.

Since its inception in 2018, Yegertek has gained consistent traction to grow from a rising star to a leading market competitor, or warrior! Engage365, our primary, end-to-end, Loyalty solution, was developed with numerous business sectors in mind, including but not limited to hospitality, financial institutions, F&B, e-commerce, and retail enterprises. Our dynamic platform, allows us to serve both B2B and B2C clients, allowing our partners to grow revenue, optimize their growth, and further expand in their global geographies.

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Our technology has given retailers a clear, granular, contextualized, and holistic view of their customers. Because of these skills, it offers to extract insights that fundamentally modify and increase customer engagement, and the company's capacity to operate within the greater e-commerce and mobile market is reinforced in its effect. At Yegertek, we focus on the big-picture to give omnichannel, cross-functional, and holistic value to organizations throughout the customer experience journey, combining advanced technological capabilities with domain-specific expertise.

In 2021, Yegertek received an undisclosed amount of funding from GCC and India-focused Venture Capital firm NB Ventures, which is led by Dubai's retail and technology investor, Neelesh Bhatnagar. This partnership will further propel the company into the next phase of its expansion. In 2022, Yegertek further consolidated its presence within the Loyalty and Customer experience domain by becoming the official sponsor of the UAE CLMP Program (Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional), which now aids in the advancement of loyalty marketing theory and practice.

Despite its fast growth, Yegertek has doubled down its focus on customer experience as a strategic cornerstone to success, because Loyalty first starts at home! Join us in taking your customer journey to the next level. 

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To empower organizations, through technology and strategy, to build deeper and stronger customer relationships.


To harness seamless CX tech to enhance the “Return on Investment” and “Return on Experience” for customers and brands alike.