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Loyalty Communities - Target & Engage!

Within the loyalty program, communities are smaller Collector’s clubs. They are centered on certain subjects, interests, or beliefs that your consumers care about, so you can improve your relationship with them.


The Benefits of Loyalty Communities

  • Create an unlimited number of communities

    The purpose of creating lifestyle communities is to deliver an experience that goes beyond transactions for each of your customer segments, allowing you to stand out from competitors.

  • Boost your program

    Communities aren’t independent loyalty programs rather, they are an add-on to another loyalty program structure, like Earn & Burn, that allows you to add new touchpoints to your existing framework.

  • Engage with customers based on their interests

    Communities can be based on a popular product, such as a gaming console a interest or lifestyle loyalty, such as jogging or wellness or even ethical beliefs, such as sustainability.

  •  Encourage the development of a brand

    By attracting clients with certain interests, you may give your brand a sense of belonging. Membership in a community might be free or conditional on meeting certain conditions.

  •  Exceptionally customized service

    You will get to know your clients better and be able to deliver customized offers that genuinely resonate if you target a smaller population with a common interest.

Who Is It For?

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