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Welcome to our powerful coalition loyalty program designed to help businesses increase customer engagement, drive sales, and improve customer retention. You know how important it is to retain and develop your customers as a company owner. Our program has been formulated to do just that – it provides a uniform loyalty program that works to your benefit and that of your customers.

What is Coalition Loyalty Program?

A Coalition Loyalty Program is a game-changing approach to customer loyalty that can supercharge your business. With this innovative concept, multiple brands join forces to offer a joint loyalty program, enabling customers to earn rewards from a variety of participating brands and redeem them at the brand of their choice.

Coalition Loyalty Programs are separate from other loyalty programs and must not be confused instead. Unlike umbrella or group rewards programs, which are limited to brands within a single portfolio, Coalition Loyalty Programs allow diverse and unrelated brands to band together for the benefit of their customers.

By leveraging the power of partnership, Coalition Loyalty Programs can help businesses of all sizes to drive customer engagement, increase sales, and strengthen brand loyalty. If you want to take your loyalty strategy to the next level, a Coalition Loyalty Program is what you need to stand out in a crowded marketplace and win over your customers’ hearts and minds.

Innovative Solutions for Multi-Brand Establishments - Signup and Combine!

Multiple brands are brought together under one roof through coalition loyalty programs. Ideal for shopping malls, outlet centers, and other similar establishments, as they promote foot traffic while also persuading customers to enroll through various technological solutions.

Yegertek is committed to providing organizations with an easy to use platform that allows them to focus on what they do best, driving change in their communities.

The Benefits Of Coalition Customer Loyalty Program

  • Increase foot traffic and repeat purchases-

    Develop a unique retail experience where customers can earn points in real-time at any store and then redeem their awards for coupons and other incentives right away.

  • In-store customer identification-

    Choose from a variety of technologies and connections to build a comprehensive customer experience that allows customers to be easily identified and rewarded in real-time.

  • Gamified customer interactions-

    To create a memorable customer experience, run co-branded social media contests, organize in-store treasure hunts, implement a multi-brand referral system, and promote user reviews.

  • Easy Enrollment-

    Integrate receipt scanning, cloud printing, or card linking to rapidly and easily increase the number of loyalty program members.


Our coalition loyalty program offers a variety of features to help your business succeed, including.

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Boost Customer Loyalty and Engagement with our Coalition Loyalty Program

Boost Customer Loyalty and Engagement with our Coalition Loyalty Program