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4 Reasons Why You Must Approach A Mobile App Development Company In Dubai Region

Gone are the days when every potential customer would surf on a brand’s website to research extensively about a product. Now’s the time for mobile applications, where users want to explore product information at the tip of their fingers and at their place of convenience. A finely developed mobile application for business purposes enables you to execute your marketing strategies in a very effective manner.

Statista’s worldwide mobile app forecast concluded that in 2016, the total revenue from mobile app downloads, advertising, and in-app purchases was $88 billion—which is estimated to reach $188 billion in 2020. A 113 percent increase over four years shows that consumers are becoming more attached to their mobiles and more comfortable while making in-app purchases.

1. Greater Outreach & Marketing Scope

Not every user is keen to log on to a website via desktop or laptop as they would rather prefer to use their mobiles instead. Having a dedicated mobile application as an alternative to your business website exponentially boosts public outreach.

As per Com score Insights, mobile users spend 87 percent of their time in mobile apps, versus just 13 percent on the web. This means that for every hour spent on the web, users spent nearly seven hours on mobile apps.

You can get an application made for your business by an expert mobile app development company in dubai, like Yegertek. Through the means of mobile applications, you can now reach out to a bigger audience than before.

2. Better Brand Recognition

The management of your mobile application and its functioning is taken care of, by an enterprise mobility company in Dubai. Taking from your mobile application’s layout, design, user-friendly interface, graphical interface, and user experience to make your brand’s presence felt everywhere – all of it is taken care of.

Customers begin to recognise and pay immense attention to brands that have their own popular mobile applications. For your existing customers, your newly launched mobile application would act as an extra-added facility to their cart.

3. Ease Of Access For Your Customers

Customers always expect more from the brands from which they make or are thinking of making their purchases. Giving them access to your products and features via a mobile application enhances the compatibility, the connection between them and your brand.

For example, if you’re using Engage 365 Customer loyalty program for customer retention, then you should implement it through your mobile application so that your customers can easily have access to it. It’s simple, more customer engagement = increased chances of them buying from you.

4. Mobile Application Suitable To Your Business Needs

Your business must be having its own needs and requirements for increasing your customer engagement, which can be fulfilled by app development dubai region.

They develop the application the way you would want it to be – based on your product specifications, industry relevance, and the behavioral patterns of your customers. Your application is meant to serve the needs of your target audience and that’s exactly what leading app development companies like Yegertek consider as a top priority.

Companies like Yegertek ensure success for your brand by providing efficient mobile app development services. They also deliver market-centric application launching services where they target the audience which is most likely to buy your brand’s products. They would also further recommend people in their circles to do the same, resulting in an increased number of potential leads for your business.