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Ecommerce Loyalty Reward Programs – Understand Segmentation

ecommerce is one of the fastest-growing industries in this period. After the breakout of the pandemic, COVID-19, ecommerce industries expanded a lot in dubai. It’s now become a need rather than just a shopping platform. People started buying every stuff they needed for their daily needs from ecommerce.

Although ecommerce companies are need nowadays, people need not stay in a huge line of payment in stores or supermarkets. It now comes under competition, and to stand out of these, businesses must have some new ideas, personalised products & services, customer loyalty reward programs, etc. to retain customers and also connect with new consumers, upgrade sales, and expand more with availability of on-demand services.

There are types of loyalty rewards for ecommerce uae, but a few of them are appreciated by customers. Here, the most significant point is- ‘ What makes customers satisfied most and they love to continue about that particular business?’

The answer is not easy till businesses do not track the records or data of every single customer, analyse, and segment to understand the most crucial points of behaviour and pattern of purchase.

Understand Customer Needs To Create Customise Loyalty Reward

Geographic Segmentation:

To know your customers a bit more and understand their needs; geographical location is a factor. It always helps to understand the basic needs of customers such as – if a business is targeting the outskirts of a city, it must have a facility of easy & fastest transport, nearby warehouse, and sellers to deliver products & services within the period of delivery without delay or extra cost for delivery.

Demographic Segmentation:

Demographic segmentation is a crucial factor in building ‌personalise loyalty reward programs. For B2C businesses, this factor depends on a list of sub-factors such as

  • ➢ Age
  • ➢ Gender
  • ➢ Income
  • ➢ Designation
  • ➢ Family status
  • ➢ Education
  • ➢ Number of family members
  • ➢ Number of earning members
  • ➢ Ethnicity
  • ➢ Affinity
  • ➢ Gross annual income

Where the B2B Business Classifies The Target Customers by The Following

For B2B businesses, this factor depends on a list of sub-factors such as

  • ➢ Business type
  • ➢ Location of business
  • ➢ Expanded area/location
  • ➢ Products / Services
  • ➢ Size of the business/brand
  • ➢ Number of employees
  • ➢ Job Function

The third main segment is psycho graphic and the three major areas are AIO or IAO variables,  according to market research and data analysis. A for attitude & activities, I for interest, and O for opinion.

  • Attitudes and activities act in a parallel way, often based on personal beliefs, which can build up certain choices of a customer regardless of age, gender, etc.
  • Interests and opinions also play critical roles in any person. Interest and opinion build up habits, thus again helping to build up confidence, intellectualism, creativity, leadership quality, and many more factors.
  • Behavioural segmentation: It is the 4th state of classification to understand every individual customer for any business and influence them to purchase according to their needs, choices, and habits.

These factors are important to understand the pattern of thinking and purchasing purpose of a customer. Through strategic segmentation, by proper analysis of collected required business data, any business can create the best customer loyalty programs, and ecommerce isn’t an exception.

Most large-scale ecommerce uae businesses offer gamified loyalty rewards to attract and engage customers to purchase and earn rewards within a loop of loyalty rewards programs. It helps businesses ‌retain existing customers and influence them to continue repurchasing and keep engaging with the business.

Yegertek is one of the best companies to provide customise and personalise customer loyalty in UAE for its customers and offers the best suitable one based on business and data. Connect with us and we’ll look after your customer’s needs.