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Gamification Of Loyalty Programs-Why Gamification is Important in UAE

Gamification is a process of applying game design principles to non-game contexts. To illustrate, think about the way people are motivated by games. They want to level up, collect points, earn rewards and compete with friends. Gamification is about adding these elements to your business in order to make it more engaging for your customers and employees.

Gamification Loyalty programs are on top of their performance as the best marketing tool in this digital era. Businesses in the Middle-east are their halcyon days and the additional advantages of loyalty programs make businesses prosperous and competitive as well.

To stand out from the competition, businesses started gamified loyalty programs to make them more exciting and to build a chain of rewards that can be achieved by participating in those loyalty programs and earning rewards.

The most attractive fact is- every time a customer spends on their purchase, they can get a chance to earn.

But, the terrible truth is not every customer is captivated by loyalty programs. According to a report from the CFI group, nearly 38% of consumers are not showing any interest in loyalty reward programs.

Gamification of customer reward programs attracts more consumers to purchase a bit more to earn rewards every time on their spending’s thus creating a series of purchases to get more through loyalty rewards.

What is it means gamification in loyalty programs?

Surely, the word Gamification is interesting and still out of the competition. Gamification is a term that can create a gaming mechanism in a non-gaming environment. To make the term more understanding, let’s understand how it works with Loyalty Programs in UAE?

Loyalty programs are customise & designed by using advanced software. Collected consumer data is used to create a personalise reward program for a group of customers according to their purchasing habits.

Applying new ideas to build new engagement and attract existing consumers to earn badges, value-points, and unlock new missions for being a prime member are part of the gamified loyalty programs.

Moreover, brands and business platforms offer their customers enjoy a reward by spending through a chain of the purchasing process. But, the process is like an undefined game to play more and generate interest more on it. Gamification builds a habit of purchase through the rewards and customer starts spending more to earn more.

The Business Value Of The Gamified Loyalty Programs

Gamification is the top reason behind the influence of driving engagement, sales, and increase revenue. Not only does it drive sales but it encourages participants to invest money and time through participation; it also collects data based on the interest of participates.

Advisably, it’s beneficial to implement gamified loyalty reward programs for businesses. Yegertek is one of the top companies implementing gamified loyalty programs in the UAE. We provide the advanced services of Engage 365 powered by Microsoft Dynamic CRM that creates custom, personalise, and gamified loyalty programs for businesses.

Benefits Of Gamified Loyalty Programs For The Businesses In UAE

The gamification of loyalty schemes is a data-driven process. So, it’s easy to monitor every single transaction and customers’ interest regarding their purchasing behavior.

Gamified loyalty programs offer a number of benefits that can help grow your business and increase ROI on your loyalty program budget. In fact, profitable gamification loyalty schemes have been shown to produce up to a 10x return on investment.

From a revenue perspective, gamification in loyalty programs is a great way to stimulate innovation in your loyalty program components, structure, and marketing. These programs also have the potential to accelerate brand awareness and generate more significant word-of-mouth for your brand.

Invest in a loyalty program, which lets you reward your customers for non-transactional behaviours like social media mentions, reviews, store check-ins, referrals and more.

Also, through focusing on goals, gamified loyalty programs build up a habit of participation, and consumers like to spend more time exploring new challenges to earn more.

According to Statista, more than 80% of UAE citizens love to purchase from both online and offline stores.

Gamification in loyalty program
Image from Statista regarding purchasing habits of UAE citizens

Finally, with more comprehensive digital brand experiences, gamified loyalty programs offer a more complete, end-to-end digital experience for your customers.

Increase customer retention with a loyalty program that helps you offer tangible rewards, so your customers keep coming back! Get started today on the best loyalty program for your business!

Start growing by implementing gamification in loyalty programs for your businesses in the uae.