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Tiered loyalty program

Customers that advance through the ranks of a tiered loyalty program receive extra benefits. They are encouraged to spend and engage more in tiered programs to advance and obtain additional benefits.


The Advantages of Tiered Loyalty Programs

  • Add value to the status

    Tiers relate to ever more valuable rewards. The benefits are higher, and the brand experience is more exclusive as you move up the tiers.

  • Create a long-term relationship

    Customers will be more interested in tier-based programs for a longer period. They are motivated to keep ranking up by the sense of accomplishment they get when they reach a higher tier level.

  • Create a highly focused experience

    Monitor and analyze member activities and interests to better segment your client base. Enhance the customer experience and communicate in a more targeted manner.

  • You have behavioral science on your side

    It is more vital to prevent the loss of something precious than it is to acquire new items. As a result, members are equally as concerned with preserving their present tier as they are with moving up.

  • Stand out from the crowd

    High-tier bonuses will set your customer experience apart from your competitors. High spenders are hesitant to move due to the amount of effort required to achieve top-tier benefits.

Who Is It For?

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